Wave 2013

Posted on May 5, 2013

They are looking at your companies for new opportunities

3 Days, 14 Industry Keynote Speakers, 6 Market Areas

Wave Conference May 5 – 8, Lake Louise Canada

Commercializing new technology

The Wave Conference is an international hub for the highest level decision makers – key delegates that can make a significant impact on your company’s future. Wave’s special guests include key representatives from the Government as well as international entrepreneurs each renowned in their respective fields.

YOU are doing innovative work and attending the Wave conference should be part of YOUR COMPANY’S plan. Get connected, better informed and ready to take your technology to market.

Wave 2013, hosted by ACAMP, showcases innovative businesses from six market areas that will share how they are commercializing new technologies. Join these exciting companies, explore the evolution of technology and come to Wave for the incomparable opportunity to meet with real decision makers who can turbocharge your success.

In addition, Lockheed Martin (Technology in Medicine) & Maple Leaf (Technology in Agriculture) are planning technology round table discussions during the conference. On the last day a 2 hr round table Technology Summit (applications and technologies) with 7 multi-nationals, SME’s, government, centres.

Special Guests

Our special guests at Wave are in addition to the 14 industry leading keynotes addressing Wave 2013 attendees. Each is available and coming for networking and business discussions, including:

  • Honourable Thomas A Lukaszuk, Alberta Deputy Premier & Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education.
    In addition, Mr Lukaszuk serves as chair of the government’s Operations and Policy Cabinet Committee and the Public Sector Resources Committee. He is also the executive vice-chair of the Alberta Economic Development Authority and Ministerial Liaison to the Canadian Forces.
  • Stephen Lougheed, President & CEO, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF)
    An adviser to many organizations, engaged on a number of boards and the executive in charge of AITF, setting technology direction & the major SME funding organization in Alberta.
  • Mel Wong, Assistant Deputy Minister, Innovation and Advanced Technologies of Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education
    The Alberta government ministry is responsible for the growth of the knowledge-based economy in one of North America’s strongest economic regions.
  • John R McDougall, President, National Research Council (NRC)
    Leader in Canadian science and technology policy and innovation, creating valuable international linkages & networks generating new business opportunities for Canadian SMEs.
  • Dr Steven Winston, Leading the intersection of nanotechnology and nuclear sciences
    With 40 years of experience in technology innovation and broad connections to industry, he provides a valuable resource to commercialization.
  • Markku Hirvonen, Serial entrepreneur, sold VTI to Murata for $261M US
    More than 25 years’ experience on international high-tech businesses, solving problems in transportation, medical, instrument and consumer electronics applications.

Now in its second year, the Wave conference is THE event at which key technology decision makers gather to network with other innovators like YOU. They want to exchange ideas about the business of new technologies, and to help shape YOUR future success.

Visit: www.wave2013.com and twitter @acampmnt for latest updates.

What, When & Where

May 5 – 8, Lake Louise Canada

The 6 Market Areas

  • Health & Medical
  • Cleantech
  • Consumer & Commercial
  • Conventional Energy
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Nanonuclear