Smart Cities – Driving a New Economy – March 16, 2016

Posted on February 4, 2016

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


8:30AM – 5:00PM
(Lunch included)
Cardel Theatre
180 Quarry Park Boulevard SE
Calgary, AB  T2C 3G3
5:00PM – 6:00PM
Drinks & appetizers
Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar
163 Quarry Park Boulevard SE
Calgary, AB  T2C 5E1
(Across the street from Cardel)

Cost: Free
Seating Capacity: 150

ACAMP is proud to present the ACAMP Seminar Series, a series of quarterly technology commercialization events aimed at bringing together Alberta’s innovation community. Designed, hosted, and launched in 2009 by ACAMP, this innovative seminar series covers high growth application and market opportunities.

Seminar Focus:
Smart Cities – Driving a New Economy

Industries related to the creation and building of “Smart Cities” are seeing significant growth in Alberta, throughout Canada and all over the world. Innovative and creative applications of existing and new technologies are continuously being integrated and evolved thereby fostering new economic growth opportunities.

Industry Insights

Smart Cities are innovative, conceptual, and city-wide technology-human-infrastructure integration platforms. Attend this seminar to learn more about existing and “needs to be developed” technologies that can and will make up the infrastructure of the ever evolving Smart City. Learn about those ideas which can promote and prioritize the use of information, sensing and communication technology, manufacturing efficiency, construction and economic development of a Smart City, while maintaining environmental sustainability.

Application Insights

Our seminar speakers will address 4 core segments which go into the makeup of a Smart City:

  1. Intelligent Transportation Systems are comprised of vehicle communications, road to vehicle and vehicle to vehicle communications / traffic monitoring systems, data acquisition, and much more, thereby creating major opportunities encompassing vehicle manufacturing, logistics, and micro-electronic technology developments and applications.
  2. Connected Vehicles According to new market research the connected car market is expected to reach $46 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 10.82% from 2014 to 2020. The increasing consumer demand for smartphone features in a vehicle along with the advent of intelligent highways and traffic systems are key drivers of the connected vehicle market; thus turning a vehicle into a huge data repository which will open new avenues of business for automotive, micro-electronics, other manufacturers as well as insurance and content providers. Demand for connected cars that are also safer, lighter and more fuel-efficient will create ample opportunities for Canadian companies.
  3. Sensors and Control According to research firm Gartner, unprecedented connectivity between a plethora of devices tapping intelligence from smart sensors and control systems will drive a dramatic transformation. The results include dazzling user experiences and business advances. Come and hear industry experts advance their vision for these society changing events ranging from wearables, homes, buildings to whole communities.
  4. Smart Grids are a broad concept that describe the integration of hardware, software, computer monitoring and control technologies with modern communications networks for the power distribution grid. The attractiveness of the smart grid is its promise of helping electric utilities become more efficient and effective in operating generation, transmission and distribution networks.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about new developments in the industry, to meet active industry key members, and to establish new partnerships.


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