The SMART AIRPORTS & REGIONS Conference & Exhibition

Posted on February 12, 2018

The SMART AIRPORTS & REGIONS Conference & Exhibition is the premier event covering how SMART Airports and their adjacent Regions are leveraging “Connectivity” to stimulate “Innovation and Opportunity”.

ACAMP will be part of a working group on Day 1 – Session 4: Next Airports and Cities

‘What are the economic advantages of introducing smarter technology into airports and wider urban areas?

As Airports and SMART cities grow, the way we build and manage urban and transportation infrastructure has never been more critical to global economic and social development. How will we live next, how will we travel next and what is the landscape for future generational expectations? How are Next Airports and Cities incubators for innovation?’

Moderator: Myron Keehn, Vice President, Commercial, Edmonton International Airport

Working group and representatives from Google, Facebook, SAMSUNG, ACAMP, SMART CITY, Alliance

Date: July 23-25th 2018
Venue: Shaw Conference Centre – Edmonton, AB
Event Website: