Computer simulation modelling allows you to understand and optimize complex product design before building an initial prototype. It is a cost-effective way to speed up your development cycle.

Simulation may be used to:

  • Visualize and study complicated interactions.
  • Identify and address weak spots in the product design.
  • Determine factors affecting the design and their tolerances.
  • Predict trends/trade-offs for optimizing the design.
  • Explore and evaluate the feasibility of new ideas.

ACAMP employs leading-edge simulation software applications for product development that offer:

  • Finite element analysis covering a wide range of physics: structural, thermal, fluid dynamics, magnetic, electric, electrostatics, and electromagnetics.
  • Full 3D electromagnetic simulations.
  • RF board design.
  • System-level simulation based on block diagrams.
  • Ray tracing and illumination modeling for optical assemblies.
  • Injection molding, including filling, packing, cooling and warping.
  • 3D EM simulation of high frequency components.

ACAMP’s experienced engineers effectively harness the power of sophisticated simulation software to help you better understand and optimize your prototype.

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