Advanced Systems For Transportation

Posted on August 26, 2016

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


8:30AM – 5:00PM
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Cost: Free
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ACAMP is proud to present the ACAMP Seminar Series: a series of quarterly technology commercialization events aimed at bringing together Alberta’s innovation community.

Since 2009, the innovative ACAMP Seminar Series has covered high growth technology applications and market opportunities.

Advanced Systems For Transportation

Autonomous systems for transportation are poised to offer a cleaner environment by significantly reducing pollution, improving traffic flow in congested areas, and optimizing real estate in urban communities. The industries and corporations that are involved in this field will shape the next innovation wave and will enable improved efficiency, productivity and economic growth. A recent report by McKinsey estimated that the application of advanced robotics and autonomous systems could generate a potential economic impact worldwide of nearly $6.4 trillion US per year by 2025. This impact will result in new products transforming the way transportation systems work and services are delivered.

Industry Insights

The transportation industry is moving quickly to develop and adopt autonomous systems. There are different levels of autonomy, starting from the driver in full vehicle control, all the way to zero involvement of the driver and the vehicle in full control:

  • Advanced driver assistance systems: Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will automate vehicles for a safer and higher comfort driving experience.
  • Connected vehicles: The connected vehicle is a technology that localizes a vehicle to another vehicle, infrastructure or device to support safety, mobility and the environment.
  • Autonomous Drive: The autonomous drive is the ultimate goal where the vehicle of the future will be able to drive itself, requiring the vehicle be able to sense the surroundings and act, memorize and communicate everywhere.

Application Insights

The Government of Alberta is taking the lead on Clean Technology for protecting the health, environment and economy of its citizens. Autonomous systems show great potential to meet the requirements of both Alberta and Canada.

Our seminar speakers will address three applications areas relating to Autonomous Systems:

  1. Usage Cases: The needs for higher efficiency and a cleaner environment are the driving forces behind activities at manufacturing companies, leading to increased automation, reduced pollution, lower traffic, and optimized real estate in metropolitan cities. Several OEMs will review their latest technologies for autonomous and connected vehicles for a greener environment.
  2. Technology Challenges and Enhancements – Sensor Fusion: Drivers of the future will be more socially responsible and connected, and the top priority of the Tier-1 suppliers will be to deliver higher performance systems. Realtime leading edge sensor systems are the focal point of the autonomous systems. System integrators will be present to discuss their latest solutions that are tailored to low latency needs of the autonomous transportation systems.
  3. Technology Challenges and Enhancements – Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: Artificial intelligence and analytics from various data sets are essential for command and control of the autonomous navigation algorithms. The latest developments in this field will be discussed including how cloud service providers are successfully solving these complex problems.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about new developments in the industry, meet industry leaders in technology development and implementation, and establish new partnerships.

If you are interested in a speaking opportunity at this seminar, or would like to sponsor this event, please contact Neil Goud:, (780) 468-2443

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